Thursday, January 6, 2011

I love to start something new. It makes some people feel uncomfortable, but I welcome the squirm of anticipation and I look forward to the endless possibilities it creates. One thing leads to another. So who knows what will happen because I started this blog today. 

Lately, I have been wanting to have a bigger life and so I am asking for it. These past few years have taught me one thing for sure. All you have to do is ask for "it". Now the funny part is, you have no idea in which form it will come to you. I know it sounds unrealistic and silly. But be aware, I am never afraid of being unrealistic or silly. It's my life story. I am an artist.

With this blog I wish to inspire and share. No political views or advice on how to have the perfect life. If anything, I will share my imperfect, haphazard, let's give it a try approach. So here goes.

FYI: Bula is a word of welcome on the islands of Fiji, a place my father loved very much.

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  1. You inspire me! You are a warm, wonderful woman who is herself. I admire that about you and try everyday to be more like that. The little man in your profile picture is adorable, his mother must be lovely :)